Who am I

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My Background

I am a theoretical physicist with a broad interest in many fields of physics. During my studies I specialised in the theory of general relativity and its application to our universe while I majored in astrophysics. During my graduation year I started working on solar physics. After graduation I joined AIP to work on my PhD in solar physics. My expertise is in plasma and flare physics (e.g. I studied Solar Energetic Particles related topics, such as, electron propagation through plasma and electron acceleration processes).

Past Projects

2009-2019 Work on a Space Mission

Solar Orbiter / STIX

In 2009 I became the project scientist and project manager for AIP's contributions to ESA's Solar Orbiter mission and was significantly involved in design, manufacturing, assembly, integration and verification activities of the Spectrometer/Telescope Imaging X-Ray (STIX) instrument's Imager unit and subsystems. On July 12, 2017 STIX was successfully delivery to Airbus Defence and Space (UK).

AIP also had small contributions to the Electron Proton Telescope (EPT) within the Energetic Particle Detector (EPD) instrument suite.

The launch of Solar Orbiter is currently foreseen for took place on

Full trajectory of the Orbiter can be found here.

During the science phases of Solar Orbiter AIP will operate the STIX Aspect System to which I significantly contributed with design, assembly and verification tasks.

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Selection of Papers

Astronomy and Astrophyics has published a special issue on The Solar Orbiter Mission. I contributed to the following papers therein: STIX, EPD, and Modelling & Analysis Tools for Solar Orbiter

2019 Technical Section

Since 2019 I am part of the Technical Section, a service facility at AIP which supports AIP's scientists with design, manufacturing, assembly and integration activities for state-of-the-art and historic instruments.

Present Projects

4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope (4MOST)

In 2019 I started to work on 4MOST a fibre-fed spectroscopic facility on the VISTA telescope with a large field-of-view. 4MOST will be able to simultaneously obtain spectra for ~2400 objects.

Currently I am AIP's acting manager of the detector work package for the instrument.